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A Scheduled Online course will include online course content, with required online lectures at scheduled dates and times. Online lectures will occur during the time indicated in the Browsable Class Schedule.

Students aren't required to go physically to the campus. Students are required to log into the course in real-time and attend with their instructor for the duration of the class.

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EDEC 3301   
Supervised Experiences With Infants and Toddlers   
3 Credit Hours    (5 classes)

EDEC 3302   
Supervised Experiences With Young Children   
3 Credit Hours    (5 classes)

EDEC 3303   
Child and Adolescent Guidance   
3 Credit Hours    (3 classes)

EDEC 3305   
Prenatal and Infant Development   
3 Credit Hours    (5 classes)

EDEC 3307   
Development During Early Childhood   
3 Credit Hours    (7 classes)

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